Demand Intel

Search is a person with an urgent need, 3.2 billion times a day.

Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is searching for exactly what you have to offer. The how, where, when, and why this demand is expressed is what Demand Intelligence is all about. Demand Intel is a detailed, data-driven analysis of consumer or B2B demand expressed through online search and social media, and it’s the key to winning to new customers today.

Reverse-Engineer your marketing to meet that demand.

Demand Intelligence discovers and details demand so you can reverse-engineer your marketing and bring your expertise and products to people in the exact moment they’re looking for a solution. Read on to learn more about how it works, or contact us to see Demand Intelligence work we’ve done for our clients and discuss how it can work for you.

How Demand Intel works:

1. Find available demand.

While demand is theoretically available to anyone connected to the Internet, the reality is your competitors can prevent you from reaching it. Learning where they’ve left the door to demand wide open is the critical first step to success. Competitive Intel measures and details your competitor’s digital marketing strengths and weaknesses and finds opportunity for you.

This is what an open door to demand looks like. Competitive Intel is the critical first step to Demand Intelligence.

2. Understand it.

Available demand is then dissected. The goal is to understand each expression so marketing can align with the strongest available demand. We look at the number of queries per month, the competition for those queries, the query trend (green indicates growth in the number of queries month-over-month for the past year), and whether our client or their competitors are showing up in results against that query. As importantly, we look at the nuance of how these needs are expressed. For instance, in the example shown below, the expression “Runner’s Knee” was queried fifteen times more frequently per month than “Knee Pain While Running”. Detail like this gives great insight into how to create the best content to capture demand.

3. Pursue the opportunity.

With a detailed understanding of available demand, we prototype digital marketing that’s been reverse-engineered from quantified demand and test our approach. Based on those test results, we refine, and test again to build digital marketing that converts opportunity into leads, sales, and revenue.

All of the dashboards above are from a recent engagement where we identified over 26,000,000 global queries that weren’t being satisfied by our client or their competitors. Demand Intel, with Competitive Intel as the foundation is how we identified this opportunity and reverse-engineered our client’s marketing to meet the demand online.

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